Dental Assistants Software Training Course

Dental Assistants Software Training Course Program

Dental Assistants Software Training Course

This course is for Dental Assistants, Dentists & Rda’s 

Very often Dental Assistants & RDA’s have not been trained adequately or not trained at all with their office soft ware. They may have many years of experience and might be the best in their field, but they lack the training they need to be fully functional with their office soft ware. In fact, it may be hard to find a job, when they don’t have the necessary and much needed training with Easy Dental or Dentrix, specially now that many offices are paper less and everything needs to be documented on the computer.

This course is only for Dental Assistants, Dentists, RDA’s and
any Dental back office personnel, in need of training in
    (This is a 4 days course)  
  • Dental practice daily schedule.
  • Scheduling & understanding the appointment book
  • New Patient data entry
  • Entering treatment plan on computer using procedure buttons and CDT Codes
  • Perio Charting
  • Medical alerts and medical conditions
  • Utilizing Easy Dental or Dentrix to create prescriptions for patients
  • Record specialists referral on computer
  • Utilizing the lab case record keeping on Easy Dental or Dentrix
  • Entering and Editing Patient Notes
  • Procedure category buttons
  • Progress Notes
  • Will learn to log existing treatment plan and set treatment as completed different ways avoiding errors.
  • Will Learn to create short cuts to add more then one treatment at a time & minimized the time during exams.
Dental Offices Save 20% on this course when 2 or more dental Assistants from the same office registers

This course is for Dental Assistance, RDA's, and Dentists or for anyone with dental knowledge that needs dental computer software training. 

Tuition fee $920.00 + Registration fee $50.00 Total is $970.00 
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